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My First Electrical Experience

I was very young when I first started the Trade, and my Trade has brought me to many new places and experiences. I was very keen to learn the Trade, and I even remember the day I knew I was going to be an Electrician.

My Father was cutting some lumber in the backyard, with a very old / loose extension cord. So when the Skill saw would not start, he was upset because he thought he blew the fuse again in the house, up about 100 ft. So I said no Dad, I think it’s right here in the loose cord end. I Took a nail and pried open the male cord ends, so they could make contact with the loose female cord end, and it worked, I think I was about 11 years old.

Our Family came from Switzerland, and I myself was born there. We have lived there, and I first started the Trade there. It was a time when things where not so rushed, the Journeyman Electrician took time and showed you how to do things. Later we ended back in Canada, and I had very good Tutors to further my advancement in the Trade. I have worked for countless different companys, gaining any experience and tips, that anybody with the time and heart, to show me.

I eventually became a Journeyman Electrician myself, and that was a great Day! I was very ambitious, becoming certified when I was 24 years old, and started working for myself later that same year.

Learning how to run jobs, how to deal with people, estimating correctly, etc, is the Contracting part of the Trade, and that can only come with experience, dedication, and persistence.

FAST FORWARD TO: The Brighthouse Electric Company, started in 1989 in Vancouver B.C.

So, as I started to get Busier around Vancouver, I started training young would be Electricians, and I found that I really enjoyed it, and it was rewarding when a “student“ was starting to make progress.

I try to live by that code, of taking the time, to “pass on the torch“. Since I have been here in Vancouver, the amount of poorly / unsafe, wired homes and commercial buildings, I have come across is astounding. There is obviously a real shortage of good Trades people, and that goes for all Trades. I think it is really just as simple, as to take the time, and pass on the knowledge.

When I was learning, I did not realize how fortunate I was to have very good tutors, and now I am in a position , that I am going to at least try, to make a difference. That is really one of the main reasons I decided to start building this site, to inform, inspire, educate, expose, and to share knowledge. I will keep adding to the site, as time permits. And I apologize if I cannot answer every inquiry. But running a Contracting company, (of any kind), really is 2 full time jobs.

Albin Wandeler, The Brighthouse Electric Company

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