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Mission Statement

This website is being created for a few different reasons.

  1. To celebrate 22 years in business, in the Vancouver area.
  2. To inform and educate people, with helpful information, with some video clips, to maybe help people avoid some of the unnecessary “ nu sense “ Service Calls.
  3. To know,what the Electrical Services cost, with some real life examples of jobs.
  4. To put up a portfolio of recent jobs.
  5. And Last but not least, for my healthy ego of course!

To start with, I always keep the notion that I don’t really need a website, I just built my business the old fashioned way. Most of my work comes through referral, from happy customers, ( still the best way ). My schedule has been pretty hectic, until recently, “ the economy”, I am still busy, but with some time to reflect.

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