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New Construction

New Construction Electrical Work

New construction electrical work for residential can be a very competitive market, and the quotes for a particular job can vary quite considerably, but also the quality, (or lack of) can also very considerably.

Most people have heard by now, a good rule is to get 3 Estimates for each Sub-Trade, when ever possible, when building a house. Things to watch out for is, is the person that is giving you the Quote, doing the work the work them- self’s, with their regular crew? Or are they “selling“ the job, and then they will “Sub “ it out to someone else, and it could be an unproven contractor with that firm.

I have seen this practice turn into a disaster many times. The Classic case is when a Contractor takes on too much work, and then they are scrambling to get the manpower to do the work, especially in the busy season.

Of course it is always good to get some refferance’s, preferably from people you know well, and you trust their judgement. If you are very particular about the quality/service that you expect from a contractor, and if you have the time, try the following.

Is there a job nearby you could go look at, even if you just drive by, and have a look at the exterior Electrical work, the Electrical service, outside lights, outlets etc. Just look carefully at these things, are they level, are they flush with the exterior finish, does the caulking look like it was put on by a 3 year old? Or, is there any caulking, where there should be? Just these simple things can tell you a lot about a contractor, and if they have pride in their workmanship.

You may run across a contractor that cannot supply you with many references, jobs to look at etc, because they are just starting out on their own, but you sense that they are trustworthy, they are keen, etc. And you may just have to “go with your gut”. Of course you can take complete advantage of this, and go for a good deal!

Real Life example of a New Construction Wiring of House

A regular client of mine, (15 years), asked me to give him a quote for a new (2000 sq ft finished floor area), home he was going to build in 2010. I said I would like to get $20,000.00, plus the recessed lighting, (pot lights). Plus extras like, telephone, cable and internet wiring.

He got another quote for $16,000.00, plus pot lights., and the extras, he mentioned this to me and complained about my quote. I said yes, I am higher, but you know what my quality is like, he grumbled, so we came to an agreement, because I have known him for so long, and he was a good client, that I would do it for $18000.00, for the basic wiring, with the electrical service.

So what does $18000.00 (& HST) get you for the “Basic electrical wiring“? Here is the job breakdown:

  • 125 Amp Overhead Electrical Service
  • Overhead Service, for the Telephone and Cable
  • All Electrical wiring and Labour, for required circuits, power outlets and lighting.
  • 5 outside, GFCI protected outlets
  • 2 circuits for the outside fountain, and fountain lighting, including another 3 GFCI protected outlets.
  • Siren interconnect, for the sprinkler system
  • Conduit for possible future Carport, with capacity for future Electric car charging
  • 2, 2” conduits to the roof area, to the “service area“, for possible future solar heating/solar panels
  • All Electrical connections made “old school“, with the wires being “pre-twisted“, and then finished with twist-on wire connectors All Electrical outlets / switches are connected “old school“, with the devices hooked-up with the screw side terminals, ( not the “quickwire“ ), then wrapped with electrical tape
  • All cover plates are “un-breakable nylon“
  • All switches are laid out “user-friendly”
  • Guarantee of all boxes, to be “flush“ with the finished wall/ceiling surface
  • All cover plates are levelled, with matching screw positions
  • Clearly legible Electrical Panel Directory of circuits
  • Outside Electrical outlets have the metal weatherproof cover plates
  • 3 interconnected Smoke/Carbon monoxide detectors, one on each level
  • Decora Style Finishing package
  • 4 Decora Slide Light dimmers included in Quote

So What is the Total cost of the New Construction example, with all the extra’s?

Basic wiring and Service $18000.00
32- 6” Halo brand LED pot lights, complete with driver and trim $4429.44
3- Halo 6” glass shower trim upgrade @ $9.50 each $28.50
8-Halo 4” IC rated Pot Lights @ $37.50 each $300.00
2-Halo 4” White baffle trims @ $22.32 each $44.64
6-Halo 4” White Eyeball trim @ $37.44 each $224.64
8-Lightbulbs, R20 Reflector Flood, 50 watt @ $4.25 each $34.00
8-Lightbulbs, Par 20 Halogen, short neck bulb @ $5.75 each $46.00
5-Lithonia 5” Pot Lights, IC rated @ $18.30 each $91.50
5-Lithonia 5” White Baffle Pot light trim @ $8.97 each $44.85
5-Lightbulbs, 65 watt, Reflector flood, ( for regular pots ) @ $3.75 each $18.75
6-Vapour Barrier bags for IC Pot Lights, Large @ $10.68 each $64.08
2-Vapour Barrier bags for IC Pot Lights, small @ $5.65 each $11.30
1-Lutron Fan Speed control, white slide @ $28.45
12-Leviton, Decora,Single pole Slide Dimmer @ $25.63 $307.56
15-Lightbulbs, GU-10, 35 watt, Halogen @ $ 5.65 each $84.75
5-Telephone wall jacks, includes seperate line for each, wall jack,
low voltage bracket and Labour @ each $75.00 $375.00
4-Cable Vision wall jacks @ each $75.00 $300.00
3-Built-In Speaker jacks, with 14 gauge wire, each @ $75.00 $270.00
1-Network to Network Data jack, ( Computor ) $85.00
Extra concrete coring, drill / bit rental $90.00
Total cost of job with the Extra’s $24,878.46
HST 12 % $2,985.42
Grand Total $27,863.88
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