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Re-wiring of Old Timer Homes, How Much Does it Cost?

Let’s get right to it, So what does it cost to actually re-wire an older home that may have the old “ knob and tube “ wiring, or the old style BX wire, or maybe even Aluminum wiring?

Well a good rule of thumb to start with, ( to start with, when I am estimating a job ), I use the basic amount of $5000.00 per level. So if you have an old-timer house with 3 levels, ( very typical ) that is $15000.00.

Many old-timer houses have had some wiring up-grades done over the years,
so many times there is wiring there that can be used, without installing a new line, to every outlet / switch etc.
Another thing, usually the basement was not wired in the original wiring of the house,  that came later, with modern wiring methods, although the quality of the work would have to be checked.

Then I look at the layout / size of the house, how difficult it is to access key area’s, how much furniture to work around etc.

Then of course how is the Main Electrical Service / grounding.
You need at least a 100 amp Service, for a single family house, even Insurance company’s are asking for this now.

These are the main things I look at, when estimating a job.

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