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Real Life Example Of A Recent House Re-wire June / 2011

A very nearby neighbour asked me to re-wire his home a few years back, and I told him he would have to wait 3 months, he did not want to wait, so he tried some other Contractors. They told him that they” totally re-wired “ his house, and charged him $8000.00. A few years later while he was doing a plumbing upgrade, he noticed some of the old “ knob and tube “ wiring in the wall.
So he asked me to have a look at the job, and it was very easy to determine, that the house was not very much “ re-wired “ at all.
The whole top floor, was left mostly on the old “ knob and tube “ wiring.
So we made an agreement for me to really re-wire the house, and he would wait this time, ( the wait was not that long this time ). In the meantime the neighbour looked for the original Contractors, to confront them, but they where long gone.

Here is the job Breakdown;

3 level old-timer house, with an in-law basement suite.
100 amp Electrical service, ( which was fine )
Garage in the back yard, with power, that needed cleaning-up.
Had about 20 % newer wiring, that could be “ salvaged “.
The Family where living in the house, while the re-wiring was being done.

The Original Quote for the Job, including All Material, Labour and the Electrical Permit, with HST in $14,851.00

My Final Invoice for the job, including the extra work of, re-locating 2 outlets, and adding 2 outlets, and supplying and installing a vented Range hood, complete with the venting. Also supplying a nice coach lantern for the front porch.

Final Invoice amount $14,851.00

Final Electrical inspection, April 2011
( Name and phone number available upon request )

What’s Involved In Re-Wiring A House?

The job of re-wiring a house, ( without destroying all the walls and ceilings ), really is a labour intensive job. For the average house re-wire, i allow 3-4 full time weeks. That is to thoroughly deal with all the old wire, cutting very minimum “ access holes “, and also repairing the access holes, repainting also if requested. Another major challenge of course, is when the house is Occupied, (which is most often the case). You need to be very respectful of peoples belongings, is there a Security System, don’t let the cat out, where can you park, etc., and on top of that, don’t raid the cookie jar!

On the up-side of it, most people are very busy with jobs, and they are not home during the day, while the work is being done. Another problem is dust, there will be quite a bit of it, and while I try to minimize it the best I can, with using drop sheets to protect furniture, and padded moving blankets to protect floors/kitchen cabinets etc. The walls will need switch and outlet boxes cut into them, and light boxes for the ceilings. So , while, it is disruptive to people’s Daily schedule, it is only temporary.

Cost Of Re-Wiring Old-Timer Homes

Let’s get right to it, So what does it cost to actually re-wire an older home, that may have the old “ knob and tube “ wiring, or the old style BX wire, or maybe even Aluminium wiring? Well a good rule of thumb to start with, ( to start with, when I am estimating a job ), I use the basic amount of $5000.00 per level. So if you have an old-timer house with 3 levels, (very typical) that is $15000.00. Many old-timer houses have had some wiring up-grades done over the years, so many times there is wiring there that can be used, without installing a new line, to every outlet/switch etc.

Another thing, usually the basement was not wired in the original wiring of the house, (that came later, with modern wiring methods) a lthough the quality of the work would have to be checked. Then I look at the layout / size of the house, how difficult it is to access key area’s, how much furniture to work around etc. Then of course how is the Main Electrical Service / grounding. You need at least a 100 amp Service, for a single family house, even Insurance company’s are asking for this now. These are the main things I look at, when estimating a job.

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