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What to do if you cannot afford to pay for a Total House re-wire?

While I realize that, the cost of re-wiring a house, is a very “ big ticket “ item, for most people. Especially maybe a young family, who have scraped everything together, just to get in to a house.

Also many times, they are not made aware, that there may be a problem with the wiring, ( even if the had a “ home inspection “ done ). So they are unprepared.

There is another Solution. There is a Company called PowerCheck, that will come out and “ stress test “ your wiring, and write up a report, of the condition / safety of the wiring.
They group it into 3 groups, “ low risk “ , “medium risk “ and “ high risk”, then they also recommend what can be done to rectify the problem, ( but they do not perform the work ).

I think this is a very good service, for people to get some “more mileage” out of there wiring system.
You can check out the PowerCheck site here, also there is some very good information on old wiring, and how many times it has been tampered with.
While it is not my intention to Scare everybody with a older wiring system, into sleepless nights , it really is important to have it PROPERLY CHECKED.

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