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We meet Al at Brighthouse Electric Co. In 1990. Al was working with my sister building new homes in North Vancouver. We then chose Brighthouse Electric Co. To do our electrical when building our new 4200 square foot Craftsman Home. We were impressed by all the recommendations from my sister and friends, especially the District of North Vancouver Electrical Inspector’s recommendation that they would hire Al, as his work is superior.

We feel very fortunate to have had Al to help us build our home. We have a great deal of respect for him, the quality of his work, and his ability to manage from the beginning to the end. We have since recommended Brighthouse Electric Co. To many friends and  can say without hesitation that we highly recommend them to future clients.

The Johnstons

Brighthouse Electrical Company has provided its services to Locus Lounge for over ten years.

Throughout this time they have proven to be a reliable company whose employees are hardworking and diligent. Over the years we have always been able to count on being supplied with accurate and reasonable estimates. Moreover, we have been able to rely on Brighthouse at any time, which in the restaurant business is crucial.

I wouldn’t hesitate for even a moment to recommend Brighthouse Electrical Company to anyone looking for efficient, reliable and reasonable price service.


Fred Miller   Owner/Manager – Locus Lounge

If you are looking for a talented, knowledgeable and reliable electrical contractor, Al is your man.

I first hired Al as an electrician in 1990 and have been using his services on both residential and commercial projects ever since.

The main reason I have remained a loyal customer of Al’s is his  ability to handel the most complicated projects with ease. He loves a challenge and brings considerable problem-solving abilities to the job.

Al’s honesty, reliability and technical expertise are a given on any project. As a result, I have

recommended him to family, friends and business associates and, without exception, all have expressed their complete satisfaction and have remained loyal customers too.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further particulars.

James P. Turner

We have worked with Albin Wandeler on a project in North Vancouver and his work was of such high quality we again had him wire our personal home.

His attention to detail and code as well as his work ethic was outstanding. In today’s world of contractors it was refreshing to work with a true professional!

Well done, Albin!

S Toporowski,
Twin Turrets Fine Homes

My wife and I have known Al for many years and have hired him a number of times for a range of jobs. We originally hired him to completely rewire an old heritage house 15 years ago, and were so impressed by his skill and dedication that we have used him a number of times since, ranging from a cabin rewire at Point Roberts to the complete electrical, tech, and lighting work for a very modern house we recently completed in Vancouver. Al is a consummate professional-thorough, methodical, and trustworthy. You won’t find a better electrician in the city.

Brad Price

Al did a great job on a series of electrical reno’s on our 100 year old heritage house.
He saved us thousands of dollars by coming up with a solution that enabled us to achieve a low risk certification from PowerCheck, without the need for a new electrical service, with the approval of the City’s Inspectors.

His work was on time and on budget, and he always cleared up effectively after the project was complete. I look forward to using him again on other projects.


My wife and I hired Al to wire a couple new houses we constructed for ourselves in North Vancouver. He did a GREAT job! In fact, the Electrical Inspector stated that if all Electrician’s did work like Al, he would be out of work – quite the compliment! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Al for Electrical work. Keep up the good work Al!

Les Campbell

Being a new business in the area, Al came highly recommended when we inquired other businesses if they knew someone for an electrical job we needed. He came promptly and assessed our situation, explaining what he proposed to be the best solution. Although it was a comparatively small job, the work he did was fantastic; clean and efficient. Al was very professional throughout. I would definitely hire him again.

Lynden, Beans Cafe

My business relationship with The Brighthouse Electric Company spans the last 15 years. During this time Al has rewired houses, done retrofit wiring on restaurants and been available on service calls for everything from burned out signs to equipment installs. Al has proven himself to be reliable, reasonably priced and easy to deal with on every occasion. I have no hesitation in recommending The Brighthouse
Electric Company for any job that you may have. Should you require, please do not hesitate to give me a call at the number below.

Dean Mallel
BierCraft Restaurants

For my own house I hired The Brighthouse Electric Company.

Frank Hill
Former Building Inspector, The City of Vancouver

We decided to renovate our basement and we had several companies submit estimates for timelines and budget to get the electrical work done for our entire house. We were very impressed by Albin’s knowledge and his desire to ensure that our electrical was to code. Further, he assisted us in navigating the City of Vancouver system and submitted all the paperwork to them and then to us once it was finalized. He did the job that we required within our budget and timeline and he was flexible when we had further requirements for the job. Also, he anticipated some of our needs for the basement and the rest of our house and he consulted with us on every decision to insure that we were pleased with the work that he did. Ultimately we were very satisfied with Albin’s professionalism and his work ethic.

Thank you!!!

Doris Peters, satisfied customer

I have known Al Wandeler of The Brighthouse Electric Co. For approx. 10 years. He’s an experienced and licensed electrician and very knowledgeable with older homes ( knob & tube ). I have used him many times from small repairs to extensive re-wiring and would not hesitate to call him again!

Mike Mitropoulos ( Vancouver )
PS : I just wish he would turn off that stupid headlamp!

Al did an amazing job at two of our houses. We had a few small issues to deal with when we were selling our first home. He was able to come by quickly and did a great job fixing some issues inside and outside our home. Last year, we decided to purchase a home built in 1940 and completely renovated it. There was only one electrician we would trust to do the electrical. Al was there right from the beginning working with us on all the options from lighting and socket placement to dealing with final inspections. The Electricians worked well with the other trades to ensure timing was coordinated and they were willing to be flexible to keep things progressing. If you need a small job or a complete rewire, Al has you covered.

Adam Johnson

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