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Well, Like a lot of Contractor’s I dreamed of having the “ultimate Service Truck”. It took a long time, but I think I am getting very close. One of the main frustrations I had, is that because electrical work needs so many different parts, connectors, hardware, etc. I worked on coming up with a system, (that works for me), of storing them, and having quick access to them, loading and un-loading them from the Truck. This saves Time, and Time is …….. ?, thats right! I am sure the amount of different parts I carry must be in the thousands. So for most jobs, I can pull up, and have enough material in stock to complete smaller/service call type jobs, I don’t have to run around picking up material, charge the customer the extra time etc.

I carry a wide variety of the most common circuit breakers, and some of the rare ones, in stock, in the truck (also fuses). I have a work bench in the truck and many times I have repaired some piece of equipment right there on the spot. The Truck still has some room to grow, in terms of parts, but I am slowly getting there.

My Old 1979 Dodge 1 Ton Truck

brighthouse electric company old truck
My old Dodge 1 ton truck gave me 16 years of service. It was a great truck that ran on natural gas, (very clean and very cheap). But because I like to carry everything I may need, I had it overweight, so it was time to move on. Natural gas can be very temperamental sometimes, but for me, the environmental and cost benefits was worth it. R.I.P.

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